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Safe and compliant client chat for business has arrived

One app for everyone

Qwil Messenger solves the challenge of making chat safe and compliant when it matters most: between your staff and their prospects, clients and partners. Our single, global chat app enables participants in any location to engage in branded, professional conversations with their companies whilst meeting the most stringent security and regulatory requirements. Just swipe between each company's brand space and chat. It's that simple.

on mobile and web

Qwil Messenger has been designed to work seamlessly on both mobile and web. Your chats are synchronised across all your devices. You can sign in using your Qwil account details from as many of your devices as you like.

that works the way you want it to


Looks and feels like chat. Invite, share,
track and be notified in a familiar way.


Chat with the right participants,
at the right time.


Chat information used only for intended
business purposes and no other.


Know that users and businesses
are who they say they are.


Your data is protected and remains
private at all times.


Supports recording requirements for
company communications.

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Qwil Messenger is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for businesses to use with their prospects, clients and partners.

Sign-up online and securely chat within minutes.

"Qwil Messenger is like WhatsApp for financial and professional services. It is a product which we believe has significant potential to improve the engagement with clients, partners and businesses."

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