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Robertson Baxter

This week we sat down with Stephen Baxter, Managing Director at Robertson Baxter and user of Qwil.

Can you tell us about your financial advisory firm Robertson Baxter?

Greg and I launched Robertson Baxter in 2007 after both working in financial services at global banks. We wanted to offer an industry-leading, transparent proposition to clients which encourages long term relationships. Shortlisted in 3 categories in the 2020 Yorkshire Financial Awards and with two advisers in the UK Top Rated advisers in the country.

How are is your approach to clients different?

Our solutions are built for each client as individuals. Taking care to understand their main drivers, goals and objectives. We put together a financial plan that allows them to live their best lives. Our ratio of staff to clients is one of the highest in the industry ensuring excellent on-going care.

You were an early adopter of Qwil. Why?

We met the team at the start of 2018 and understood the importance of safe communications internally and externally. Recognising the impending challenge that GDPR would represent to our industry. Their tool was aligned with our strategy of offering the best client services in a secure manner.

Chat is the way we communicate in our personal lives but Qwil is much more that than. With both a desktop and mobile version, we can easily transfer documents within our team and with clients in full security and continue the dialogue. Our clients have us in their pocket.

What has been the reaction from your clients and employees?

We first invited all our employees on the platform for them to familiarise themselves with it. It was less about how to use Qwil, as the tool is very intuitive, but more of what to use it for, what processes we could make more efficient but also safer. We then rolled it out to clients, following an initial discussion with them and the take up has been great.

What would you say to your peers?

It is a win win for everyone. Clients are happy as they have their financial adviser when they need them and can share sensitive information without the usual hassle. Employees have a secure method to reduce internal email traffic and share key messages or information also with each other.

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