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Strategic Exchanges

Strategic Exchanges connects innovative markets to a select group of service providers that place a strong emphasis on impacts of regulatory change. Lisa Seim presently engages over seventeen different firms that that offer unique views and solutions to help financial institutions mainly in the United States navigate the new mandates.

You are representing a small consortium of Fintech in the global marketplace. What is your strategy?

My strategy is to facilitate the re-engineering of the life-cycle of an investment. Simply said, I look for next-generation solutions from pre-investment research platforms to execution venues for aggregating best prices and facilitating global clearing and settlements and everything in between!

Straight through processing with minimal human intervention is the future in finance. Innovation is happening and accelerating due to many of the new regulations forcing the industry to become more transparent and cost efficient.

How do you do that in practice?

Each consortium member provider solves a specific problem. Understanding what’s upstream and downstream of the processing of an investment is as important as the application itself. I spend half of my days on demos and on conference calls. I used to have over 8 different messaging apps on my desktop and phone and since discovering Qwil, I’m now consolidating as much as possible.

So how did you find out about Qwil?

The team was in New York for Finovate Fall, one of the largest FinTech conferences. I was keen to find out more. This was not only a tool I was looking for my own business but also to be able to offer out to my clients. We had a call the next day and have been working closely together since.

How do you use it?

Because I am such a big connector (Pollinator, as many call me), I need to link people and groups on the fly. The quicker I get them to engage directly, the easier it is for them to understand the different propositions.

This is where Qwil is so different than any other application I’ve seen before. I now invite my clients and consortium member in a group, to chat and share documents within the privacy and security of my Strategic Exchanges branded space. This tool excactly replicates how physical meetings and business is conducted.

Where do you see Qwil’s technology being deployed?

I’m very excited about Qwil’s roadmap and how many of my consortium members can leverage their API’s. They are the supply chain of communications.

A safe communication channel is paramount in today’s world and one which can be used internally but more importantly with external parties (clients, partners) without the limitations of Slack or MS Teams (or the data risks of WhatsApp). I work with many small community banks and private wealth managers that struggle with their antiquated e-mail systems. They spend far too many hours per day sifting through ‘phishing’ and ‘spam’ emails and not enough time focusing on the clients themselves.

What has been the reaction of US clients who have heard about Qwil?

Many US clients can’t believe Qwil can solve so many of their issues!

Then within minutes, they receive an invite to join their own branded space and test it for themselves….

What feature or aspect do you like the most?

It is as simple as WhatsApp but a hugely powerful tool for all companies with one single platform. What can be done with the APIs is amazing and this is just the start.

I’m excited to pollinate and spread the word!

Qwil is a no brainer!

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