Qwil Announces New Connector on Salesforce AppExchange

18 May 2021  |  Laurent Guyot

Qwil is pleased to announce the launch of a new connector on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to seamlessly integrate their branded client chat service into Salesforce.

The Qwil Salesforce Connector is currently available on AppExchange and documentation on how to install the connector can be found on our support site .

Safe. Compliant. Conversation.

Qwil is a chat platform that allows businesses to replace insecure client emails and social chats with safe and compliant conversations. In today’s environment, engaging with your clients via a secure and convenient digital channel is essential.

That is where we come in. Qwil enables your teams to engage their clients through instant conversations rather than correspondence. In a matter of hours, you can replace insecure email with convenient chat and document sharing in full compliance with data privacy regulations.

An Integrated Salesforce Journey

Qwil supports engagement across the full client life-cycle, from the moment you qualify a prospect, to facilitating an exceptional on-boarding experience, to all subsequent engagement. With the introduction of our new connector, customers can seamlessly manage chats with their clients directly from Salesforce as part of their existing workflows. This include:

Create and manage your client user identities and their access at your organisation from within Salesforce. Manage access between clients and your staff/teams to ensure frictionless, direct access to the right people for your clients.

Create chats from within Salesforce and have one-click access to your existing chats. Have direct access to chat transcripts and the associated attachments.

Chats are automatically available within Salesforce against a client's record. Your teams no longer have to remember to log each and every conversation manually. Instantly see a full view of the chat engagement across your organisation.

Peter Reading , CEO of Qwil said:

“We are proud to be ISV partner of Salesforce and believe that the collective proposition of our firms is very compelling for customers. Instant digital communication that meets the security and compliance needs of firms is no longer trivial. Data protection and fraud prevention are now as important as the messages being shared.

At Qwil, we provide the rails on which convenient and simple instant conversations can be run between staff and clients all within a branded environment. Our connectivity to Salesforce now means we are instantly part of the broader relationship management toolkit for advisors in which communication activities are so integral.

"The Salesforce AppExchange makes it easy for Salesforce customers to sign-up to add Qwil as their client communication tool straight out-of-the-box.”

Over 2,800 financial, education and health sector firms are sending thousands of messages and files daily. Find out more about Qwil on our website qwilmessenger.com or to see our product in action, contact us for a live demo.

Woodson Martin , GM of Salesforce AppExchange said:

“Qwil is a welcome addition to AppExchange, as they power digital transformation for customers with secure and safe communication. AppExchange is constantly evolving to connect customers with the right apps and experts for their business needs“

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